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S&G — 6730 Series

Group 2 Combination Safe Locks

We designed our 6700 Series Group 2 mechanical safe locks to perform in high-security, high-traffic applications like ATMs, gun safes, bank locks and other demanding commercial settings. These UL-Group 2 mechanical safe locks offer advanced security features to deter attacks and keep assets secure.

Choose the level of sophistication and sizing you need for your application, without sacrificing quality design and advanced attack resistance.

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S&G 6730 Dial Lock
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Product Features:

• Three all-metal combination wheels.

• Brass, dual lever locking arms mated to a machined brass wheel center for the ultimate nonslip wheel construction.

• Key changeable wheel design for simple combination changing.

• Exclusive, patented torque adjuster to easily keep the wheel pack assembly set to the perfect resistance for long life and maximum resistance to wheel skating and vibration opening.

• Familiar left-right-left dialing sequence, and one-handed operation.

• Built in relock trigger to protect against dial and spindle punching attacks.

• Solid brass lock bolt is strong enough to resist 225 lbs. of force.

• The lock case uses S&G’s “Magic Module” footprint for ease of retrofit on existing containers.

• Available with a wide variety of dials and rings in painted and plated finishes (including 24k gold).

Certifications: UL® Group 2, VdS Class 1, EN 1300 A, CNPP A2P A/E, China CCC, and it’s RoHS compliant.

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