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MGM Security

Narcotic Safes

Our selection of MGM Security Narcotic Safes.

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MGM Narcotic Safes
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Product Options:

Additional drawers.

4-Wheel combination locks / Second mechanical lock / Electronic Locks.

Alarm Hole (Ø1/4").

Magnetic contact on the doors.

Heat detectors / Seismic detectors

Complete inner wiring of alarm components.

Special interior configuration (as per customer needs).

Choice of thicker body construction.

Door Construction: Made of 1/4” and 1/2" thick steel.

Body Construction: Made of 1/4” and 1/2" thick steel.

Boltwork: 3 way boltwork or choice of higher class boltwork of 2 to 6 plated steel locking bolts  (Ø 1").

Anchoring holes: Included if safe is less than 750 lbs as per UL standards.

Standard Lock: One (1) Group 2 S&G 6730 3-wheel combination lock type with spy-proof dial.

Minimal interior dimensions: 21" High x 15" Wide

Contact for size options.