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MGM Security

Fire Resistive Vault Door

Our selection of MGM Security Fire Resistive Door Safe.

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In order to delay any attacks, our ingenious boltwork design makes multiple attacks necessary. In fact, actually attacking and forcing one bolt will result in driving all the other locking bolts in the opposite direction and will make further attacks even harder.

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MGM Fire Resistive Vault Door
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Product Options:

• Highly efficient bolt detent system that keeps the bolts retracted when the door is opened and never fails to engage them automatically when the door is closed.

• Emergency escape device.

• Large opening handle.

• Maintenance free Hinges.

• Stainless Steel push plate.

Certification: Fire resistive door 2 or 4 hours. Manufacturer fire resistant certification.

Boltwork: 7 plated steel locking bolts (Ø 1-3/8").

Standard Lock: One ( 1 ) S&G 6730 3-wheel combination lock with spy-proof dial.

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