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Schlage — CO-100 Standalone Electric Locks

CO-100 models are designed for use as easy to manage, low maintenance locks that use 3-6 digit PIN codes as credentials. Administrator level users can program it right at the door to add or delete user PIN codes or change preferences or functions at any time.


January 15, 2024

The CO Series provides ideal solutions for customers seeking the added security and convenience of electronic access control without the cost or complexity of a fully networked system.

Within this group is CO-100, a standalone lock that is manually programmable. User rights are stored on the lock with unique PIN codes assigned to each user. This minimizes the number of mechanical keys issued which protects the integrity of your key system. PIN codes can be easily added or deleted at anytime, right at the door.

Mechanical key override is standard and compatible with multiple cylinder types. The CO Series is also compatible with many popular brands and types of exit devices.