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Our Complete Safe and Vault Services

A list and overview of our safe and vault services provided to both residential and commercial customers.

Safes & Vaults

July 17, 2020
Safes and vaults are matters of trust-we respect your privacy. Supreme keeps up-to-date with the latest in products and services. We maintain adequate inventory levels of demand products to service day-to-day customer needs. We provide our services to national accounts and safe manufacturers

Safe opening:

If you’ve forgotten your combination, don’t worry! Almost any safe, from the small cabinet safe, to the highest security bank vault can be opened-each requiring specialized methods. Requirements are always different - burglary attempt, technical defect, lost code, inheritance, changing the lock, key duplication, loss of a key etc.- we can help in all of those cases.

Our first priority when opening a safe or vault is to do as little damage as possible. When opening safes we would look to use picking or manipulation methods if possible to minimize damage and allow the continued use of the safe. If it is necessary to drill the safe, we would adhere to the industry’s Code of Practice for the reconditioning and repair of used safes. Drill holes can be repaired easily and after our repair, drill resistance is usually higher than before. Most of the safes we open can be repaired easily and continue to be used afterwards.

Each safe is assessed on an individual basis before any work is started. After assessing the safe, we will explain your options. There are occasions where a safe is so severely damaged, perhaps due to a burglary attempt or fire that it is beyond repair and needs replacing.

In our experience the most common problems experienced with safes resulting in our call out for service, include:

  • Burglarized safe or failed burglary attempt.
  • Lost or forgotten safe codes or combinations.
  • Incorrect method used to change lock combination.
  • The safe’s electronic lock has locked the user out.
  • The safe batteries need replacing.
  • Something inside the safe is jamming the operation.
  • The door closes but the bolts will not throw.
  • Safe and lock has seized.
  • The door will not close or is binding.
  • Integral fault within the safe’s door or lock. Lost or misplaced keys.
  • A snapped key or part of the key has broken off in the safe’s lock.
  • The detachable part of the safe key is missing or has come off in the safe.
  • The key will not go into the safe.
  • The key goes into the safe but does not turn or only turns so far.
  • The safe key is difficult to turn.

Combination change:

We can change electronic and mechanical lock combinations replicate or create keys for safes, deposit boxes, filing cabinets, etc.

Lock change:

We can install a new mechanical or electronic lock on your safe.

Safe refurbishing, repair and painting:

If your safe has been attacked or suffered damage from other sources, call us for an assessment regarding repair or replacement. We can provide complete refurbishing services including concrete patching, welding, and painting.

Safe maintenance:

Although most safes are well built and subsequently hardwearing, continual use can cause wear and tear on the unit. We can perform any type of general maintenance including hinge adjustment, lubrication, and cleaning. With our maintenance service you can be sure our highly trained locksmith will be on hand to help reduce the impact of wear and tear on your safe and eliminate problems earlier to ensure the safe remains in full working order at all times.

Safe moving and installation:

For the greatest level of security, your safe should be installed by a qualified locksmith. We can install your safe in line with the requirements of your insurance company, to ensure maximum protection. Once you have purchased one of our safes we can transport and install it in its final location. Allow us to do the heavy moving; Safes are very large and heavy items, so let us save you the trouble and keep you worry free. We can install safes virtually anywhere you desire whether it’s in a basement, upstairs closet, garage, or office. Installation costs will vary, depending upon location and safe type. We will also teach you how to operate and maintain your safe right on location.

Final installation location may be subject to location, access and **weight restrictions. **