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Schlage — Everest 29

Restricted Keyway

Everest 29 refers to the keyway families that incorporate a patent-protected undercut design and provides patent protection through 2029. Everest 29 systems deliver a higher level of security because it cannot be duplicated without authorization.

The Everest 29 through-cut technology utilizes a unique process to create its patented undercut design while also allowing the ability to add Primus XP for the highest level of security. Multiple levels of security ensure the right solution throughout any facility or campus.

Everest 29 key blanks are backwards compatible to legacy Everest keyways. This allows Everest 29 keys to work with existing Everest systems, aiding the key system upgrade process. Schlage also has an online validation system for all restricted Everest 29 and Primus XP orders.

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Schlage Everest 29 Mortise Cylinder
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Everest 29 key systems protect against unauthorized duplication two ways. First, key blanks are tightly controlled by Schlage to ensure access for only authorized dealers.

Secondly, patent protection deters duplication of the design—an offense subject to federal law. They are available as both open and restricted keyways to give you the level of security you need for every application.

Key: Through-cut technology enables a unique undercut key design; 20% increase in thickness for greater strength.

Cylinder: Unique check pin interaction improves physical security of the lock.

Patent Protection until 2029: Thanks to a new undercut design that provides patent protection for Everest 29 keys until 2029.

Distinctive bow: A larger, rounded key bow creates quick visual differentiation between Everest and Everest 29.

Available Products:

Mortise Cylinders

Rim Cylinders

Knob/Lever/Deadbolt Cylinder