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Entrematic — Ditec HA8-LP

Low Profile Operator

The Ditec HA8-LP low-energy operator has the same power and durability of the standard profile, but with a smaller header for applications where clearance is limited.

The Ditec HA8-LP is built to outlast the competition. The product features reliable ultra quiet operation, fire rating and ul-325 and ADA certification.

The low-profile is available as surface applied, and can be found in hospitals, retail stores, schools & universities, airports, convention centers, casinos, industrial buildings and offices.

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Ditec HA8-LP Stainless Push
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Your door is the gateway to your business. Ensure your services to Nova Scotians are accessible to all.  As accessibility standards increase, automated entry systems become more important. Do you have your accessibility plan in place?  We can survey your existing occupied spaces to determine accessibility issues, and assist you with a corrective and affordable plan.  

The automatic door operator allows Barrier-Free access, providing customer convenience while meeting the requirements of persons with disabilities. It's the perfect choice for new and existing buildings, permitting easy access to commercial, industrial, and institutional locations.

Finish: Clear, Dark Bronze

Motor: 1/8 HP - 1/4 HP Available

Header Profile: 4-1/8" x 5x-1/8"

• High Precision gears for sustained long-term use

• Electro Mechanical Design for dependable fluid-free operation

• Permanent lubrication for maintenance free operation

• On-board programming, plug-n-play design for fast installation

• Built in strike/mag lock relay - fail safe or fail secure

• Integrates with building access & security systems

• Adjustable spring tension overcomes wind and stack pressure

• Concealed adjustable door stop, eliminates external door stops.

Available Products:

Low Profile With Left/Right Pull Arm

Low Profile With Field Reversible Push Arm