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Camden — Lazerpoint RF

Wireless Door Control System

Lazerpoint RF™ 915 Mhz. spread spectrum wireless systems are designed for use with any automatic door operator.

The system offers exceptional reliability and a complete wireless activation solution, whether in new construction or retrofit (with the option to utilize existing fixed frequency transmitters), Lazerpoint RF™technology is also utilized with other wireless activation devices, including CM-120 Series keypads and CM-330 Series Hands Free switches.

Lazerpoint RF™ is designed to reduce the cost of installation with a range of exclusive features, including door sequencing, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate door control relay.

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Camden Lazerpoint RF
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Lazerpoint RF™ is a completely new wireless solution for automatic door operators.

The system introduces the many advantages of 915MHz. spread spectrum wireless technology to the automatic door market.

The system encompasses the widest range of transmitters, receivers, activation devices and switch enclosures available today.

Lazerpoint RF receivers also support 300MHz., 318MHz., 390MHz., and 433MHz. transmitters (with optional daughterboards). Lithium batteries recommended for environments below 0°C (32°F).

‘Push and learn’ transmitter enrollment and signal strength indicators, makes Lazerpoint RF™ the easiest system to install.

CM-TX9 Specifications:

Wireless Range: 500ft (152m) Open Area

Voltage: (2) AAA Alkaline or Lithium Batteries

Battery Life: 500,000 Cycles

Status & Alarm Indicators: Transmission confirmation, low battery, battery test, & stuck switch

Contact Rating: 3A @ 30V DC

Current Draw: 2 mA

Dimensions: 2 1/4" H x 5/8" W x 3/8" D

Wall Switch Receiver:

Camden - CM-TX9