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Camden — Kinetic

No-Battery Wireless Door Control

Kinetic by Camden™ is an advanced 900 MHz. ‘power harvesting’ wireless system that uses the energy created by the operation of the switch to power the wireless transmitter.

Kinetic by Camden™ avoids the need to provide power or batteries, saving installation and maintenance costs.

Kinetic by Camden™ is the only ‘power harvesting’ wireless system to feature an ultra-compact receiver (easily installed in automatic door operator cabinets), with field selectable momentary, delayed or latching relay operation, and range adjustability.

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Camden Kinetic
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• Huge Savings in Installation and Maintenance Costs.

• No-Battery maintenance means environmentally friendly operation, and no-battery waste.

• Smooth Switch Operation, ADA Compliant Activation, Using 3.4 lbs Force Maximum.

• Advanced CM-RX-90V2 Wireless Receiver is Compatible with both Lazerpoint RF™ and Kinetic by Camden™ Wireless Systems, Switch Selectable.

• No-Battery Wireless Transmitter may be ordered as part of Camden CM-35, CM-40,CM-45, CM-46 and CM-60 Series Push Plate Switches.

• Compact Design Fits Standard Depth Mounting Boxes.

Push Plate Switch and No-Battery Transmitter Specifications:

Wireless Frequency: 900 MHz. Fixed Frequency

Range: Up to 300 ft. (Open Air) Up to 70 ft. (Within Operator Header)

Temperature Rating: -40 C to 85 C

Water Tight Option: Yes

Dimension: 1 1/2" Box Depth Required

Available Switches:

CM-45K  4 1/2" Square Push Plate With Kinetic.

CM-46K  4 1/2" Square Exposed Screws, Push Plate With Kinetic.

CM-46CBK  4 1/2" Square Blue Finish Exposed Screws, Push Plate With Kinetic.

CM-40K  4 1/2" Round Push Plate With Kinetic.

CM-60K  6" Round Push Plate With Kinetic.

Available Receiver:

CM-RX-90 V2 Kinetic/Lazerpoint Advanced 1 Relay Receiver