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Camden — CX-WEC Series

Restroom Call Systems

Camden CX-WEC Series equipment kits include everything you need to meet the latest building code requirements for emergency call systems in Universal restrooms.

CX-WEC Series Emergency Call System kits include ‘PRESS FOR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE’ push button, audible and visual annunciators inside and outside the restroom, and instructional signage.

Emergency Call for Universal Restroom Kits may be installed in restrooms without an automatic door operator or with CX-WC Series barrier free restroom kits (with operator).

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Camden CX-WEC Universal Call System
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• Annunciation inside and outside restroom with audible sound adjustment.

• Push/pull ‘Press for Emergency Assistance’ maintained mushroom push button, or with latching relay for use with momentary switches, including tape (ribbon) switches.

• New single gang multi-color LED dome light with sounder (Red, Green, Blue or White) is offered as an individual component or in the CX-WEC10BK2 emergency control kit.

• CX-WEC Series emergency call systems are available in English, French and Bilingual.

• Compatible with all Camden ‘CX-WC’ barrier free restroom control kits.

• 3 year warranty

CX-WEC10K2: Universal Emergency Call System Kit:

(1) CM-AF540SO Double gang, push/pull mushroom push button, red, 'Assistance Required', w/ LED annunciator and adjustable sounder, 'Assistance Requested';

(1) CM-AF141SO Single Gang LED dome light with adjustable sounder.

(1) CM-SE21A English, White panel sign, 6” x 10 5/8”

Additional Products:

• CX-WEC10BK2: Universal Emergency Call System Kit with Multi-Color LED Dome

• CX-WEC13: Universal Emergency Call System Kit with Key Switch Reset