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Baron Metal

Hollow Metal Doors

IDN's door facilities have the expertise to prepare their stock doors and non-stock doors for specific requirements. These services include: special hinge templating, door lites, special lock preparation, e-channels for electric lock applications, flush bolt preparations etc.

Non-standard doors with steel stiffened cores filled with fiberglass insulation. 16. and 14. gauge sheets can also be special ordered.

All stock doors are constructed using galvanneal steel. IDN's door facility is fully certified to fire rate hollow metal doors and frames 45 minute, 1-1/2 hour and 3 hour.

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Baron Metal Hollow Metal Doors
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Galvanneal Coating:

Galvanneal steel is produced on a continuous hot-dipped galvanized steel line.

Galvanneal steel provides an excellent surface for finish painting.

Only a wipe down of the surface with mineral spirits is required before painting, a prime coat is not required.

Fire Rating:

Hollow metal doors and frames 45 minute, 1-1/2 hour and 3 hour.

Sidelite frames and borrowed lites can be custom manufactured to meet 45 minute fire rating.

Honeycomb Core:

Rigid & impact resistant / Resin impregnated / Corrugated material

Estimate STC 20 sound rating

Insulated Core:

Steel doors are available insulated

They are insulated with Polystyrene with an R rating of 6.3 or Polyurethane with an R rating of 11.

Closer Reinforcement: All doors come with a closer reinforcement box at the top of each door and also the bottom of the door when reversible.

Panic Bar Reinforcement: & Surface Bolt Reinforcing.

Standard Hinge Preparation: Doors have 4-1/2" template hinge reinforcements.

End Channels: Projection-welded end channels at 3" to 4" centers add strength and fully functional.

Lock Seam: Extra deep vertical mechanical full lock seam construction helps retain the quality and integrity of the door. A special sealant adhesive is also used on the edges to provide maximum strength and rigidity.

Standard Lock Preparation: All doors include ANSI lock reinforcement with a full barrel support for panic bar reinforcing as required. Cutouts as noted in table.

Edge Tabs: Special edge tabs for flush bolt preparation can be installed as an option.

Available Products:

Honeycomb Core, 18 Gauge - Call For Information

Honeycomb Core, 20 Gauge - Call For Information

Insulated Core, 18 Gauge - Call For Information

Insulated Core, 20 Gauge - Call For Information


Rim Panic / Knob/Lever / Mortise Lock / Slab Only


Reversible / Left / Right