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To whom it may concern:

Re: Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Marc Bezzina at Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd. to you. 
I met Marc a few years back when he was Service Manager for one of the largest security companies in Canada. At that time, he provided our corporation and business center with prompt, honest and professional services and that is why we continue using his services today. Marc goes out of his way to provide excellent service. His sincerity, knowledge and dedication are evident in his quality products and services. 

Marc has given his personal time and attention to solve several of our security needs with great results. He takes the time to explain options and is willing to work within your budget. His combination of skill, years of experience and professional ethics are evident. I am confident that he would never misrepresent a problem or overcharge in any way.  
I recommend Marc and his company “Supreme” to anyone seeking a competent, trustworthy Locksmith and Security Service.


I.B. Halifax, NS

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd.

Marc Bezzina, owner of Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd., is presently subcontracting for our company as a Locksmith/Safe technician. Marc’s 28 plus years in the security industry is evident in his prompt and efficient services. He easily adapts to our service needs and readily applies excellent problem-solving solutions within our budget. His various tasks and responsibilities include servicing, repairing, replacing, and installing parts and equipment as per our written specifications. He performs checks, inspections, and surveys with accurate documentation and communication. He relates well with all customers and staff and is always ready to help. We have found Marc to be a sincere, reliable young man, who uses his honesty in all situations.

We can rely on Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd. to provide our company with accurate on-demand services based on our job requirements. Supreme never turns down a job-big or small. At times, they work way outside of their spectrum to meet our needs. Supreme communicates clearly and effectively, on all job-related details, in both verbal and written formats. To avoid any delays and to ensure compliance, inquiries are prompt if something is missing on the purchase order or changed at the jobsite. We are always notified of job completion with timely communication, paperwork and invoicing.  
Supreme is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.


M.C. Halifax, NS

I called ( well emailed) the company after I lost my keys and didn't have a replacement for my mail key so I got in touch to see if I could get the locks changed. I hate using the phone so I liked that I was able to communicate through email. The responses were quick and we easily came to a time that worked. 

The locksmith was promptly on time, friendly and efficient. He took cash or credit. 

I hope I won't have to use this company again but if I do I would use them in a heartbeat.

V.J. Halifax, NS

"Our priority is you, our customer!"

​To: Marc Bezzina <[email protected]>

How Often do Customers Write the Company to Praise Instead of Complain ??


It would be my pleasure to recommend your company without reservation.

I found "Supreme Lock Solutions" while browsing the web, looking at Metro Locksmiths for the purpose of upgrading the security in my home.

The website was organized well, and, it was with ease that I was able to "shop" for the products that met my needs.

After a quick phone call, I was sure that Marc was a perfect match. He answered all my questions and provided an on-site consultation. Through this consultation process and on site security assessment, I had all my questions answered and was pleased with Marc's thoughtfulness and problem solving abilities.

His opinion and recommendations left me with a "secure" feeling that the products and upgrades I was purchasing and having installed would meet my security needs.

I was especially thankful that during the upgrade he was able to determine that my previous dead bolts were improperly installed and he rectified the problem.

I liked the "security safe" product line available at Supreme Lock Solutions and I felt confident in my home security after Marc's recommendations and implementations.

Thanks Marc

SG Antigonish, NS

After many years of thinking about it I recently purchased a safe for my business/home. 

I initially purchased the safe from another local safe company and things did not go well. The day it was to be installed the crew showed up with no equipment to move it or motivation. I was informed it was a very heavy safe and that they could not guarantee that damage would not be done setting it up. They were very negative and made me feel like they really did not want to do it or be there. I politely told them that I did't think this was going to work and asked for a refund that I was happily granted.

So there I was still without my safe that I been wanting for such a long time. 

I found Marc Bezzina's company "Supreme Lock Solutions" on the internet and sent him a request for a quote on the exact safe that the other safe company couldn't install. I provided Marc with a picture of the steps he would have to get the 325 LB. safe up to allow him to install it in the room I wanted.

Marc called me the next day and said it would be no problem and that they move heavy safes all the time and have special lifting equipment to help with the lift. I was very happy with Marc's enthusiasm compared to the other safe company and bought the safe from Marc ! 

We set up a date to have it installed and things went very well. The electric stair climber they used was amazing and the safe was installed in the room I wanted it with no damage done !

I was very,very pleased with Marc's work ! He was very professional and conscientious about his work and did all the little things to make sure I was happy with the job.

I will probably never require another safe but would not hesitate to recommend Marc and Supreme Lock Solutions to anybody who does need one. You will be very happy with the products and service provided by Marc.



Hi Marc, 

I want to thank you for your professional service. It is not easy to find someone to respond quickly for a quote and then complete the job in such a timely manner. I really appreciate that.

Have a great weekend. 

Halifax, NS 
Hey Marc.

Just received a note from Ms. H. at {Company Privacy} where she is extolling your services for their company.

Here is what she had to say "FYI Marc is great he is so quick and does everything by the books."

Atta boy Marc.

All the best,

G. M.
Halifax, NS

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Re:  Used safe purchase, delivery, installation

Thanks Marc, 

Awesome job, pleasure working with you!  

These locks are of MUCH more superior quality than what was there before.

Thanks for the speedy service Marc!

Halifax, NS 

​Thank you again for your, expedient, professional service.

Toronto, Ont. review:

​Quality, Customer Service, Other

Really good technician - nice to work with. Very knowledgeable.

Mill Cove, NS
Re:  New safe purchase 

.... sounds good, thanks for the great service. The reviews on the website were not wrong. I will be recommending your business to friends who need it. 

Take care J.
Halifax, NS

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the fast response on repairing that electric strike.

Halifax, NS

​Hi Marc

Thank you again for your excellent customer service to our auxiliary for purchase of the safe - very much appreciated.

Best regards,
Halifax, NS


​Thank you for your prompt, quality service at our office!

Halifax, NS

Hello Marc,

Two things. First of all, we are very happy with the Automatic Door Opener and the service you provided from start to finish, not to mention how happy and grateful the customers have been, also. Thank you.

Regards S.
Halifax, NS

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​Hey Marc!

Thanks for everything you do, I can’t stress how beneficial your company’s service and expertise has been to our development and operations. Hope you’re having a good day!

Halifax, NS