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Why upgrade to an Electronic Combination Lock?
  • No more complicated dialing procedures
  • Combination changes are fast and easy from the keypad
  • Simply impossible to manipulate
We can convert almost any manual combination lock to a digital lock.
THINKING ABOUT RECYCLING??  Have a used safe you no longer need?  Contact us it might be suitable for our rebuild and reuse program.    
Combination safe locks are over 125 years old. A Group II combination lock is the most reliable and dependable way to secure your belongings. The advantage of a combination lock is that they have a long history of a proven track record and no batteries to replace. Many of our safes have an optional key locking dial which allows the owner to lock or prevent unwanted authorized access to the safe.
Electronic locks provide quick and convenient access without having to wrestle with keys or a combination dial. 

They are not only very quick and easy to use, they offer a wide range of optional functions including multiple user codes, time delay, time locking, audit trail, and remote access. 

These locks carry an Underwriter Laboratory label and are very secure. Purchased as an option on many of the safes we carry, or as a retrofit, you will appreciate the convenience and security these locks offer.
Mechanical Locks vs. Electronic Locks? 
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To maintain privacy and protection of the contents of your safe and vault
combination/electronic locks should be serviced periodically, and the numbers changed, to ensure they always function appropriately. 
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