Keyed Alike locks mean that 1 key will work multiple locks.

If you already have locks/padlocks to a specific key, we can make more locks/padlocks to your existing key.  We can only key alike the same brand of locks (this means that a Weiser lock cannot be keyed alike to a LSDA lock). 

An ideal choice is to have multiple door locks working on the same key, for example: Main entrance door, back door, various home or building doors.  

Padlocks are mostly keyed alike to certain key numbers, this means that each keyed alike padlock will come with 2 keys. This also means that you can add additional padlocks to your system at any point in the future as long as you order the same key number as previously ordered.
KEYED DIFFERENT (KD):  Keyed different is the standard key configuration. This means that every lock you purchase will have different keys.

RESTRICTED KEYS:  A restricted key blank is a keyway and blank for which a manufacturer has set up a restricted level of sales and distribution. Restricted keys are often protected by patent, which prohibits other manufacturers from making unauthorized productions of the key blank. With a restricted security key, further copies can only be duplicated by the locksmith who issued the keys.

NOTE:  Customers must provide proof of ID before Supreme Lock will cut additional keys using restricted blanks. 

Secure records are kept when the restricted key system is set up, as to secure how many number-stamped keys were issued. A signature record form is kept with these records and only these approved signatories can ever request more keys. These days, many restricted keys have special in-laid features, such as magnets, different types of metal or even small computer chips to prevent duplication.

Benefits of this system is total key control 

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Your affordable solution to a restricted "Key Control System"
MASTER KEYED (MK):  ​Master keyed locks are locks that have unique keys for each individual lock but also work with a Master key which is a key that works all the supplied locks in that system.

Master keying allows the option to have each door on its own key, but the manager/supervisor can have a master key to open all doors. 

We can supply you with a basic, single level master key system, or a multi-level master key system. We can create any size of master key system. We can even supply padlocks and cylinders master keyed, so you can have all of your locks on a master key system if you wish. 

Are your locks old, rusty, or worn out? Have you lost your keys? New move? Employee change? Has your door become an easy target for someone to access? 

If you answered yes to the above questions, you should consider the services of a professional locksmith.  

Feeling a sense of security in your own home or business starts with installing quality locks and maintaining their function. 

You might require a complete lock change or the existing locks might be serviceable and then easily re-keyed.
If you are interested in having your locks inspected, serviced, changed, or re-keyed, and would like to receive efficient and affordable service, call us for an estimate today.

We’ll service your locks and leave you with “peace of mind.”

Re-keying locks to match up to "one key"

Have you replaced door knobs and deadbolts throughout your home or business resulting in your carrying multiple keys to different locks?

If you find yourself carrying more than one key to your door locks, there is a solution. Re-keying your locks to match up to one key can be an economical way of reducing the number of keys you have to carry.

If your locks are from different manufacturers and therefore not compatible to a single key, changing out the least number of incompatible locks, so that all locks will match-up, is a cost-effective single-key solution.
YOUR SECURITY SOLUTION-Over 30 years in the Lock and Safe business at work for you!

If you have any questions, please give us a call:  902-982-2498  Call today! 
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