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Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd. specializes in commercial hardware and has experience supplying quality hardware products from leading manufacturers in the industry.  

Owner, architect, builder/contractor, or end user, we are your single source solution for a wide variety of quality hardware.  We can replace  what you have currently and supply you with all of your new lock hardware needs.  
  • Door Hardware is our specialty
  • We offer professional and quality customer service
  • Volume discounts available-call or email for details

Contractor rates and competitive pricing are available.  

Make the call today:  902-982-2498; let us help you with your next project.  

Commercial Hardware - Padlocks
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• Match to most popular door keys
• 1-3/4" solid brass corrosion resistant body
• Case-hardened chrome plated double ball locking shackle
• Patent pending quick-change shackle feature
• 1-3/16" standard shackle length, 5/16" shackle diameter, 2” or 3” length shackle may be purchased separately
• Will function as key retained or non key retained with included retaining pin
• Kit included which allows the use of Schlage 21-002, Assa 65611, Kaba 3400-
1099 & LSDA C500 cylinders
• Or use with optional RKC cylinders 
PRODUCT:  Solid Brass Commercial Cylinder Padlocks:  REKEYABLE BRASS COMMERCIAL PADLOCKS.  One key does it all...  HOME, OFFICE, GATES and MORE!!
LSDA Solid Brass Commercial Cylinder Padlocks, corrosion resistant body

• Solid body padlocks provide maximum protection against physical attacks
• Solid brass rekeyable RC10 cylinders are keyed 5 pin but drilled for 6 pins
• Will function as key retained or non key retained with included retaining pin
• Double ball locking hardened steel shackles offer superior resistance
PRODUCT:  Solid Steel Padlocks:  REKEYABLE solid brass RC10 Cylinders.  One key does it all..HOME, OFFICE, GATES and MORE!!
LSDA Solid Steel Padlocks, available in Steel and Chromed Steel
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Supreme offers a large variety of high quality PADLOCKS ...  
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​• Shielded shackle practically eliminates shackle exposure to attack
• 2-3/4” corrosion resistant stainless steel case
• 3/4" shackle clearance
• 3/8” shackle diameter
• Hardened steel deadbolt, double locking shackle
• Solid brass anti-pick pin tumbler brass cylinder
• Use on vending machines, lockers, bicycles and more
PRODUCT: Shielded Disc Padlock.  Shielded shackle practically eliminates
shackle exposure to attack.
LSDA Shielded Disc Padlock
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• Concealed shackle eliminates exposure to attacks from cutters, pry bars, and saws
• 2-7/8” diameter solid chrome plated steel body
• Pin tumbler solid brass cylinder
• Shackleless rear locking bolt for maximum security
• Uses hasp No. 2037
• Cylinder is not rekeyable
PRODUCT: Shackleless "Hockey Puck" High Security Padlock:  Concealed shackle eliminates exposure to attacks from cutters, pry bars and saws.
LSDA Shackleless "Hockey Puck" High Security Padlock
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​• Laminated steel body padlock with anti-rust & corrosion resistant plating
• Case hardened chrome plated steel with double locking shackle
• Thermoplastic weatherproof jacket
• Shackle o-ring seals out moisture and dirt
• Pin tumbler solid brass cylinder
• Perfect for harsh weather conditions
• Case width: 1-1/2”
• Shackle diameter: 1/4”
PRODUCT: Weather Resistant Pin Tumbler Padlocks:  
LSDA Weather Resistant Pin Tumbler Padlocks
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• Easy operation to reset your combination
• More available combinations than traditional 3-number models
• Hardened steel shackle built to withstand attacks from cutting and sawing
• Body width: 1-7/8”
• Shackle diameter: 5/16”
PRODUCT: Resettable Combination Padlocks:  Set your own combination plus change your combination at any time.
Set your own combination plus change your combination at any time.
LSDA Resettable Combination Padlocks

We are constantly adding new products.  If you are interested in an item that's not shown, or if you have any questions, please give us a call:  902-982-2498  Call today! 
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