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Automatic Handicap Door Operators

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This page was last updated: January 27, 2019
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The "Accessibility Act" will soon be law...


Accessibility is important for your business, and having a reliable commercial automatic door operator is soon to become the law. 

Designed for those who use wheelchairs or other aids, they’re also used by the elderly, parents pushing strollers, or anyone with their arms full of whatever they may be carrying.

A high-quality commercial automatic door operator provides quiet, smooth, automatic door control without compromising traffic flow or failing following heavy use. Choose from push button or wall-switch operated, both wired and wireless, or card-reader styles. 

Convert your manual door to an automatic one, a simple conversion by an experienced team.

Commercial access control is an issue to more people than you might think. Be sure you are allowing employees and customers the freedom to enter without any barriers. Install an automatic door operator before it’s legislated because everyone deserves barrier-free access.

 “According to the 2012 Canadian Survey on Disability, almost one out of every five (19%) Nova Scotians aged 15 and over has a disability, the highest proportion in the country. There were 143,760 Nova Scotians aged 15 and over who were living with a
disability in 2012.”  


Accessibility Legislation:

Nova Scotia's government is moving forward with its promise to help make Nova Scotia a more accessible and inclusive place to live and work.

Accessibility definition: The degree to which places, goods, services, or information are usable by everyone.

Barrier-free: When places, goods, services, or information are accessible by everyone.

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Let us help you stay ahead of these changes.

We offer free on-site consultations; we’ll go over available options, and give you an estimate for an automatic door operator that suits your requirements and your budget.
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Ditec Entrematic HA8 Automatic Door Operator - Pull
Your single-source solution for automatic door operator sales, service, installations.  
Ditec Entrematic - Swing Door - Push arm - HA8LP
Ditec Entrematic -Swing Door - Z arm - HA8LP
Ditec Entrematic -Swing Door - HA8LP - Interior view
Ditec Entrematic -Swing Door - HA8LP - Motor
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HA8LP - Z arm
Ditec Entrematic Automatic Door Operator - Push
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Automatic Door Signs and Labels

Wherever there are Automatic Doors, safety can be a concern. Fortunately, posting Automatic Door signs clearly communicates to everyone how entry and exiting will occur at your facility. 

Automatic Door signs and labels available 
Supreme Lock Solutions Ltd. 

Installs – Entrance Solutions that are Automatic ….

Your door is the gateway to your business. As accessibility standards increase, automated entry systems become more important. 

The automatic door operator allows Barrier-Free access, providing customer convenience while meeting the requirements of persons with disabilities. It's the perfect choice for new and existing buildings, permitting easy access to commercial, industrial, and institutional locations.

Featured product:




Installed in:

Retail Stores - Apartment Buildings - Condominiums - Offices - Commercial and Industrial Buildings 

Superior internal components provide the strength and durability needed for high frequency traffic
Engineered to open doors for the disabled and elderly
The one-way clutch allows the door to be opened manually with incredible ease
Concealed heavy-duty adjustable door stop, therefore eliminating the need for external stops
Adjustable heavy-duty spring and 1/8th horsepower motor
Can be used to operate larger, heavier doors in windy conditions
Requires only simple procedures for fast, trouble-free installation, and is easily retrofitted to existing doors or new construction                      without major renovations
Canadian made and designed specifically for our weather conditions
Stocked header is 39” so that unit can be securely mounted to the door header in normal situations
Requires 115VAC
Includes Caution & Activation stickers

HA8: Includes a cast iron, closed gearbox
HA8P: Includes a plated, open gearbox
Low profile model available with 4” header
Push plates are an easy way to activate swing doors especially for those with disabilities, and come in a variety of design options including square, round, vestible and jamb plates.


-1/16 inch thick stainless steel for exceptional durability
-Available in complete kits that include plates, mounting boxes and optional wireless devices
-Surface and flush mount boxes with various text and graphic options
-Push plates can be hard wired to the door operator or connected to a wireless transmitter.